Who We Are

Here at Echo Custom Homes the passion and excitement is truly in building! The team works together to “Echo” our clients custom home dreams into a well built reality. We commit ourselves to completing your custom home that will exceed expectations while being both on time and on budget. Echo Custom Homes core values in life and in building is based around Trust and Integrity to insure a true partnership with our home building clients.

All of our projects use a foreman or superintendent to keep the quality and progress on track. Some members of our team have worked in home building for more than 15 years, which is reflected in our quality and craftsmanship. Every home brings New Ideas, Strategies and Lessons that we all carry forward into future projects. This team is dedicated to continually keep up with new trends, education and growing professionally as a company. Echo Custom Homes true passion and professional experience is the reason we continue to build high quality homes while paying complete attention to every detail.

The Echo Process

Before anything else, Echo Custom Homes focuses on having a complete and open communication with all of our clients. We want to know exactly what your wants and needs are so we can give you a home you will love. We also believe it is essential for the homeowner to be kept up to date with the building process and to know the future planning schedule.

We have created a basic guide below to better explain our build process.

1. The List… Come up with a list of wants and needs. Bring together as many images as you can that will show a visual example of what your custom home should look and feel like.

2. The Meeting… Lets bring the minds together and talk more about your project. Let us ask questions and also hear directly what your ideas are. A little stimulated conversation about building your home can help surface ideas you might never knew existed.

3. The Land…

a. If you have land, we will come out and review your lot and get a feel for home layout options and lot prep.

b. If you don’t have land yet but have a few lots in mind this would be the time to allow us to come out and do a lot review same as above. Here we will also be able to figure in the “Cost” to build to see if these lots will fit with your overall desired budget.

4. The Financing… Here you will reach out to a few bankers to find a construction loan program that fits you best. We have a few great referrals as well if needed.

5. The Contract…

a. We are now ready to move forward with a builder services agreement which will allow us to dive into your project.  Here we will develop your plans, soil test and create the final budget.

b.  Now that we have everything in place and approved we will move into a fixed price contract which will allow us to move forward with your custom home project.

6. The Selections… Wit the construction side of your project started, it is now time to make design selections.  This is where you will meet with a design consultant and make the homes distinct character come together.

7. The Construction… During this phase the home will becoming a visual reality. We will have several progress meetings along the way to keep you in the loop about your home.

8. The Move In… After a final walkthrough you will now be able to close on your brand new Echo Custom Home! Congratulations!


We offer all our custom homes and inventory homes a standard 1 – 2 – 10 year warranty.  Below you will find more information on the 10-year third party structural warranty that we include.

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