Echo Custom Homes has brought to life a homeowner’s meticulously crafted creative vision through a collaborative process in which the homeowner and the custom builder worked closely together. 

The couple’s vision has choreographed a series of unique moments and spatial experiences that offer drama and peacefulness. It’s a fitting reflection of their informed and thoughtful design sensibilities. 

This minimalist modern dwelling demonstrates how the use of space impacts both the experience and function of a building. The home’s layout creates magnetic energy, influencing mood and perceptions through space, light, and materials used. Every area serves a purpose. A majestic oak tree serves as the focal point and was instrumental to the dwelling’s layout. The kitchen, which has unique storage and refrigerating solutions, allows function and a minimal sleek design.

Airy spaces with abundant large windows, numerous sliders, and an open primary shower/bath concept create a sense of hidden paradise within the contemporary urban setting. This seamless blend of mid-century nuances with modern elements, such as the Floating European Fireplace and the Custom Artisan Metal stairs, transforms this elegant home into a timeless masterpiece.

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